I live and work in St Ives, Cornwall, UK.  Having spent time raising my children I am determined to create a career for myself that I will find satisfying to myself while at the same time being of some use to society.

In 2010 I gained my FdA Furniture Design and Make with distinction at Cornwall College, Camborne.  The foundation degree was awarded by Plymouth University and is sadly no longer in existence.  Several disciplines have now been merged into one course, BA Contemporary Creative Practice.  Since some of my furniture design had a conceptual art weight to it, I feel that this is an obvious choice for me to top up my FdA to a full honours degree.  Unfortunately I have unwittingly used my funding opportunities by spending the last academic year gaining my CertEd.  It was a fantastic(ly difficult) year and I have emerged as a qualified teacher, hopeful of some teaching hours within the college next year.  I’m thinking positive!

I would like to spend my top-up year in close investigation of my surrounding environment.  My destination is yet unknown but I would like my work to somehow link past and future times while raising awareness of the incredible planet on which we live.  I am concerned with our treatment of our planet and use of resources but I would like to communicate this through appreciation rather than nagging and scolding.

I would like to spend some time ‘wild’.

I am 43 years old.  I know that in the future I will look back and see myself as young, but from where I am standing now, it all seems to be flying by too quickly.  There’s so much to do while I have my current physicality -I don’t want to waste this time.

Course poster designed 'in house' by Jamie Hanson

Course poster designed ‘in house’ by Jamie Hanson


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