How can we all “have it all”?: Anne-Marie Slaughter at TEDGlobal 2013


“if family comes first, that does not mean work comes second; rather, life comes together” Anne-Marie Slaughter. Thought this might be a good place to start becoming more informed on current thinking about feminism and balance within family responsibilities. Any other suggestions?

Originally posted on TED Blog:


Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Anne-Marie Slaughter, public policy expert and author of the widely read 2012 article “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” closes the first session of TEDGlobal with a talk about how she became a woman she never imagined.

In 2010, Slaughter, says, “I had the chance to be considered for promotion from my job as Director of Policy Planning” at the State Department. She knew she was ready for the job, she knew she could handle it. “It was my moment to lean in,” she says frankly. But she had been commuting for two years between Princeton and D.C., leaving her husband and two sons to fend without her during the week. She says, “The woman I thought I was would have said yes.” But unable to face the idea of missing out on her sons’ growth, she turned down the job. “Deep down…

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